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Hey everyone,

My name is Charles L. Chatmon, author of ‘The Depths of My Soul’ and ‘The Voices of South Central’. Years ago, I was lost, trying to find a publisher for my work. It took me three years but I finally found one and my writing career was just getting started. My first year as a new author was tough. No one knew who I was, I had to make a name for myself by attending local book festivals, networking with other authors who either had their first book out, in the process of having one come out, or they were already established offering advice for a young writer like me to succeed. I’ve always said that when and if I get into a position where I would build a name for myself, I’ll do what I can to help other new and beginning writers along the way.

This is why I created N Focus, a nice spot for you folks online to read about the works of these remarkable people who decided to go for a dream and achieved it. This blog will feature authors you’ve never heard of, and some you haven’t seen in a long time. You’ll also find out what is going on with me and the writers group I’m a part of. So sit back, relax in your cube or home on your PC and enjoy the online interviews of the next generation of authors, writers and poets.



About Chatmon's Books

Chatmon's Books is your online bookstore for the best in emerging authors, writers' workshop CD's and DVD's, bookmarks, poetry postcards and more. #LiteratureUnlimited

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  1. I think this blog is a great idea! I am currently a writer and I’m going to start publishing my work soon. I really like your idea behind this. I hope it will be a big success!

  2. Charles, I’m proud of you for looking out for the next generation of writers, but we got to be talking a little bit about this generation of writers…especially, this California generation of writers. I’m so happy you’re helping to pull us together.Marti Tucker

  3. I’ll sign up for a blog that I don’t lose one of these days.

  4. Great idea Charles!! I’ll link ya! Keep up the good work. Maryee

  5. Thanks for sharing the bookstore.Marti Tucker

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