Nelson Brown :Nuf Said!

Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

“Ladies, your man is no good and I’m going to tell you all about it!”

Sound familiar huh?

With hundreds of books detailing every low-down, dirty trick of what a man is up to when it comes to fooling around on his lady, what would make Nelson Brown, the author of How To Know When Your Man Is Up To No Good come out with a book that millions of ladies have already heard or seen before?

Let Nelson Brown tell you in his own words as we put him N Focus!

Charles: Nelson, tell us something about yourself, who are you and what you’re all about?
Nelson: First let me say, I really appreciate you giving me this opportunity to share my book with your audience. I’m certain they will take something positive away from my book that they can apply to their lives.
Well, I’m originally from Cleveland Ohio. As an only child, growing up in the hood is never an easy thing. Especially when you come from a broken home. But as a kid, you don’t really pay attention to all the negative situations that are around you. The hood is home, so you just accept it as normal and do your thang. So without really knowing myself, I did my thing until I turned 18 then I got away. I joined the Air Force and spent the next 11 years traveling around the world.
People always criticized me for not doing the other 9 years to retire and get that early money, but I never really felt the military. For me it was just a job. I always knew there was more for me to do with my life. While I was in, I did manage to get some college under me, then when I got out I continued at Cleveland State while working. I later landed a job with a local radio station selling commercials and writing ads. That’s where I discovered I could write some. Writing commercials was just telling stories. Then I discovered I could write some poetry as well. Later I packed my bags, and drove to Los Angeles for a different life.
Fast forward to 2006 and I can share with you that I have grown into early wisdom. After two failed marriages, (one my fault, the other not) I’m about adding value to anyone’s life I come in contact with. That’s really what it’s all about.

Charles: What made you start this career of being a writer? Past experience?
Nelson: Like I said, getting into radio is where my writing began, then I discovered I could write poetry. I guess spending a significant amount of time by myself led me to more self discovery. Solitude has a way of allowing one to really think about life, and one’s place in life. More importantly, during that time I was also discovering what God could do for my life. And God wanted me to write. I kid you not! I wrote my first poem while taking a shower. A voice told me to write, and I did. I got out the shower and started writing a poem called “Someone’s Watching.” That was my first poem! Then it all started flowing out of me.

Charles: What was the inspiration for How To Know When Your Man Is Up To No Good?
Nelson: People I knew inspired me. Some guys I knew who had girlfriends and wives would always tell me about the other women in their lives. They had good women too! And then I thought of all the wrong I did in my first marriage. All the lies I told just so I could spend time with other women. And the guys I knew were doing the same thing. I also began to hear other women I knew tell me horror stories of what men in their lives had done to them. Then I began to think of all the men in my own family who just did their women wrong. It dawned on me that these men weren’t bad men. They weren’t pimps, or gigolos trying to use women either. They were just ordinary men who just weren’t completely satisfied with the women in their life. They didn’t want to lose them, but wanted to have a little something on the side.
I said to myself, “This could be a great book!”

Charles: From our past discussions, it seems you have some serious chapters in your book. Can you tell us what they are and give a brief description of them?
Nelson: Not only do I share what men do, I also share what type of men to beware of right from the beginning. There are men that women should completely avoid. One is the man who stays with his mama. But with this man, it really does depend on if he stays with his mama, or his mama stays with him. There is a big difference. If his mama stays with him, then this is a good man. If he takes care of his mama, he will take care of his woman. But if he stays with his mama, then that could be potential trouble for the woman. He will more than likely leave his mama’s home for the woman’s home. Then she will become like his mama, taking care of him. A woman has to look a lot deeper into that scenario before she gets closer to that man.
The others will have to be read in the book Charles!

Charles: Since the book at this time hasn’t been released, what type of reaction do you expect from the ladies? How about the men? Are you going to claim citizenship in another country after the book comes out? LOL
Nelson: I’m telling you Charles, every time I just share the title of the book to women, I get a huge laugh and smile. They all tell me that they want a copy of that one when it hits the shelves. Men give me a completely different reaction. The first thing off of most of their lips is, “Man, why you giving away the secrets?” Then some of them have told me that they will get the book so they can keep their game tight. I love the reactions I get. One time I told a couple about the book, and the woman just turned her lip and looked at her man. He just gave one of those stupid looking smiles then put his head down. I’m telling ya, if looks could kill.

Charles: What do you hope to gain from writing such a book like this?
Nelson: Honestly, it’s not about me at all! It’s really more about what my book can do to help others. Financially, I’m hoping that my book will be able to help some of my family. I’m also hoping that this book can be shared so that women can learn to be more patient in their relationship search. Because the truth is, a man who is up to no good will reveal his real self in time. The woman just needs to be more patient before she gives herself to him to prevent the pain. I’m also wanting this book to be shared with teenagers. That’s where it all begins anyway. This book is about much more than men and their “no good” characteristics. It’s also about self discovery, self respect, self discipline, and self love.

Charles: What else can we expect from Nelson Brown next? A follow up, maybe?

Nelson:Man, I have a whole plan. I want to do like a Tyler Perry thing, but a little different. I plan to have seminars on this issue. It could really be fun. I also want to do a play, then maybe a screenplay. I’ve already begun writing the screenplay. It would be very funny too.
I recorded a CD a few years ago with Motherlove that combines very romantic poetry and smooth jazz. It could tie in very well to this book. It’s available at
I’m in the process of writing 3 other books as well. One is a children’s story. The other two are about relationships between men and their boys, and men and their daughters. After that, who knows!
I also would like the reader’s to have my email address. I want to start some kind of advice column for women in bad relationships but who may want some “real” down home advice on what to do. It’s

Charles: Now that you’re a ‘new’ author, what advice can you give to those thinking about entering the writing business?
Nelson: Keep writing! I don’t care if it’s only for 20 minutes a day. Just keep writing. Don’t worry about not having it all together. You have to get it out your head and onto some paper. Simply put, I use the 5 BP’s for my motivation. Be passionate. Be persistent. Be patient. Be prayerful. Be prepared.

Charles: Where can readers find your book? Do you have a website or in the process of getting one?
Nelson: Initially my book will be available at,, and As well as other retail outlets. I will have a website will be online sometimes in May of 2006. I’m lining up some book signings as well. I’ll keep you posted on those.

Charles: Nelson, in closing what would you like to tell the people reading this? What should they come away with?
Nelson: I just have to be real here. There are women who are in poisonous relationships but won’t get away for whatever reason. But I want women who feel they are stuck to realize they still have life to give to those who will appreciate them. I want them to see themselves like a ten karat diamond.
My book doesn’t ignore the spiritual. I talk about spirituality in my last section for a reason. We all need to understand and recognize the strength of a strong spiritual connection within relationships. If we all start to truly understand that power, we all will have better, more fulfilling relationships for our lives, and for our children’s lives. And that is for real!

Charles: Nelson my man, it’s been a pleasure! Thanks for your time and much success to you my brotha!
Nelson:Thank you my brotha! Nufsaid!

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  1. Charles and Nelson, I enjoyed reading the interview. Nelson, I look forward to buying your book. I’m thrilled you are trying to help the sistas! You have a very positive spirit.Much success with your first book.

  2. This is a great interview! I purchased this brotha’s cd a few years ago. I knew he was different from most men I knew. He is sensitive to women’s issues. A trait I find very attractive. I can’t wait to read what he has to say about other men. His cd was very cool, and insightful. I expect his book to be the same. Can’t wait to get it.

  3. I met Nelson Brown at a party last night. He told me about his book, and said I could read the interview about it. I must say that while talking to him, he made some very valid points regarding relationships. So much so that I decided to read this interview. This is a very good interview. It made me really want to get the book to see what this brother is saying. I told several friends about it already. Looking forward to buying this one.

  4. Great interview!. The book sounds like it will be a good one. To write for women, you have to truley understand women and their needs, do you?, we shall soon find out. I definitely will buy the book. Looking forward to reading it.

  5. A friend of mine forwarded an excerpt from Nelson’s book, then forwarded this interview to me. I must say, being a person who reads, I found the premise of this book very interesting. There are books out on this subject, but I haven’t seen one with this title! The image truly caught my attention. I’m a very visual person, and if the contents are as good as the outter package, then this will be a winner. Good luck Nelson! I’ll be a fan for sure!

  6. Ok! My girlfriend sent this to me. I’m in Chicago. Man, what are you doing? Women have enough junk out there on this subject. You just causing more controversy. I won’t get this book, and I certainly will hope my girl doesn’t either.

  7. I enjoyed the interview very much, and am quite interested in reading the book. I think the book can be useful to a lot of woman. I also think that maybe it will give woman some warning signs to look for based on this interview. Keep me posted as to when I can get this book. P.S. What does the author look like. Does he practice what he preaches?

  8. I actually came to this site Charles to read someone else’s interview. I then got curious and decided to read a few more before I came across this Nelson Brown interview. I thought it was pretty good. It did have me interested in reading what this man has to say. Usually the perspective on men misbehaving has come from women. So, this has me very curious. How can I find out exactly when the book will be out? Signed…Curious in TX.

  9. Charles and Nelson, thank you for the interview. I have read an excerpt from Nelson’s up coming book “How to know when your man is up to no good”. I must say, I can’t wait for the book to come out. I am looking forward to reading the entire book. Thank you Nelson for trying to give the sistas some insite to the men of the world. Much success to you. DeeDee

  10. I am a gay male. A female friend of mine forwarded an excerpt from his book, then the link to this interview. I must say, alot of what he says can apply to gay men as well. I encountered men who I thought were faithful to me, but found out later they weren’t. I will get the book too. I love the cover design as well.

  11. Very good interview. I look forward to the book. It’s funny, we know these things – instinctively we question the ridiculous lies, but when you are in a relationship, the key is trust. Even when the robot is screaming “Danger, Will Robinson (or whatever your name is), Danger!” we blindly move forward in the pursuit of happiness/bliss! Oh what fools you romantics can be. I’ll read the book and leave it on the coffee table for any suitor who “thinks” he got game. Just so they know, I done read the book. Can’t wait for it to hit the shelves – Best Wishes!

  12. I actually went out with Nelson a few times in the past! Hi Nelson! Even though we weren’t dating exclusively, he was honest with me. As a matter of fact, I would tell him about other guys I was seeing just to get his input. Nelson is a great guy. We would have been exclusive but I didn’t want that for personal reasons. The book should do well, because he does practice what he preaches. And good looking too!

  13. Nelson, I enjoyed reading the interview, I look forward on reading your book since I’m in the market of a new relationship after so many years of lies from my ex, which I will have an open mind and I’m believeing I will learn a lot from your book on this issue. God Bless you Nelson. P.S.Scorpioskiss told me to stop check it out.

  14. I think I’ll pass on this book because as a female I’ve realized that almost all industrialized nations have acknowledged and written about the female experience, especially when we turn talk about the black female experience where we’re taught that black men are bad, dawgs, users, messed up…..And black women are silly enough to be used by bad black men. The books all conclude that women have the problem, and men are the problem. I would like to hear from a black male writer who writes about the black male experience from a male point of view. Do we need yet another warning about black men? How about a book by a black man telling good men how not to fall for bad black women?….How about the good men who get with bad women. Women who lie to them to get to the alter only to find out the women never loved them? I’m really tired of society thinking that us sisters need to be warned about our men. If a woman doesn’t love the man she married, and deceived him into getting with her and he cheats on her, doesn’t she hold some responsibilty in the matter? And if a relationship is dead why do women stay in it? Thanks for yet anothe book on the big bad black man and silly sisters who need to be rescued from them. (Sigh)

  15. I was just emailed this link. I disagree with the last person’s comments. First of all, where does this interview say anything about being for black women? Maybe it’s a black author, but I think his message is for all women! Color has nothing to do with infidelity! Men of all colors are unfaithful to women of all colors. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but come on, be real! Don’t jump to conclusions! Oh, and why leave the same message 3 times? Just another hater i guess.

  16. Nelson, Nelson, Nelson…..I too cannot wait to read your book. I have read the excerpt plus a lil more and think it is amusing as hell! You had me laughing some, I must admit. What I did read is so, so true. Maybe that is why I find what I have read so amusing. I have either heard it myself from a man, or in conversation with one of my girlfriends, or…as a single female, (hating to admit it)have even said a few of these things myself. In my opinion, this book isnt about BLACK men only….it is all men! It is for all women too, not just the beautiful black women of the world. (re: jetsetter) Great interview Nelson…I am also a fan and cant wait to pick it up and read it in it’s entirety…. SK…

  17. i was forwarded this link through a friend at work. I recently broke up with my husband after discovering he had been having affairs for 3 years with several different women. My divorce is not final but boy I wish I would have had this book 10 years ago. I will get it just to pass it on to my 16 year old daughter. By the way, I’m a 42 year old white women. So, the above comment about this happening to black women is so totally off! And yes, I was married to a white man. I look forward to getting this one.

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