Linda Wattley: Daddy’s Girl

Oftentimes, there is a controversial subject too painful for most families to open up to. We may know a person who has been either sexually abused or one who performed the evil act. Linda Wattley is an author who has written about it in her novel called Daddy’s Girl. We’ll learn from Linda why she decided to craft not one novel dealing with the issue she writes about, but a trilogy. Plus, the strong reactions from the book in Linda’s own words.

Charles: Linda, who are you and when did you begin writing and why?
Linda: I am widowed with two wonderful adult sons, Robert, Jr. and Marcus. I am from Akron, Ohio. After being a philosophical/religious columnist for over twelve years, I knew one day I would become an author. I actually began writing when I had finished reading a book by Dr. Phil called “Self Matters” back in 2005. The psychological unfolding of my mind revealed my primitive soul dating back to my childhood. Unable to reach Dr. Phil, I prayed for help in understanding my mental and emotional despair. The next thing I knew, I was writing a trilogy pertaining to the survival of a child seeking God to understand why I was molested since the age of five.

Charles: What is the plot of your novel, Daddy’s Girl?
Linda: The plot is about a girl at the age of five growing up in a family where the mother vanishes leaving her to be a caregiver and a companion to her father. She survives her lack of knowledge by being conscious of her grandmother who shares spiritual understandings with her. As the plot thickens, the males involved throughout the story learn of the realty of molestation. Their reactions reveal the devastating impact molestation has on people knowing victims and the victims’ realities are well understood as they share it with their loved ones. It ends with the readers being free to see themselves on the inside, especially if they did not get it before reading my book.

Charles: You mention “this book has come into this world under great adversity” on your website, What do you mean by that statement? Have you run into a lot of difficulty publishing the book?
Linda: This journey has been very difficult from the standpoint that truth is a hard thing for this world to accept. I love the reality of God. I was not a person who dealt with the evil forces in life. Instead, I would rather focus on the good. When I began writing about molestation, I experienced some unseen forces coming against me as I continued to complete this project. Strange things would happen like for no unseen reason, information would disappear, extra difficult times at work, people would say and do terrible things, difficulty came with this calling and it was very obvious to me.

Charles: Why do you think the reaction against your book is as strong as it is? Do you have supporters who back you on it?
Linda: I understand very well the strong reactions against my book because I understand Jesus’ presence in the world. Truth has a way of forcing people to shift gears that they do not care to shift. My writing deals with the soul of a person. People were not ready for the truths Jesus delivered so they killed him. It is human nature to rebuke spiritual maturity. I hold a truth that can change the world. My supporters are small but strong. My mother backs me one hundred percent and my sons as well. My publicist, Belinda Williams, of Literary Lifestyles, LLC, took me in after my previous publisher single-handedly misled me to believe all was well. I have a lot of male support; Barry McLeod, author of “Heart Inside My Rib”, George W. Cook, III of “Let’s Talk Honestly”, Tony Kay and Z Man with “Artistfirst Radio” and Stu Taylor of Radio America are just some of the males who are very supportive in my endeavors.

Charles: On your website, you have sections of ‘Purpose, My Testimony’. Why do you think it was so important to discuss this subject in print?
Linda: It was important for me to let it be known I am not writing just for entertainment. I have a calling on my life to assist in the healing of the abused victims in this world, especially the sexually abused. I want people to know writers are not just writing for the heck of it. Many of us are driven to do the will of God. Also, it is important that readers know I had a journey in life that consisted of struggles and through it all, love of God and humanity still reigns in my heart.

Charles: Linda, if you don’t mind me asking, have you known someone personally who was molested? If so, how did you feel about that? Was that the turning point for you writing Daddy’s Girl?
Linda: Yes, I know someone very dear to me. There are many people in my life that I know who had this experience including myself. I was molested by my father. The thing that compelled me to write about molestation is the revelation knowledge God gave to me when I finally understood what had happened to me. Molestation is such a soulful altering experience that it is important that molested victims know, you are not the person God created you to be but you can be that person once you understand God.

Charles: Please tell us more about the next two books, “Deeper Than Love” and “This Thing Called Love”
Linda: “Deeper Than Love” takes the little girl who was growing up in “Daddy’s Girl” on a journey to understand God and love. It deals with sexuality, sensuality and spirituality. It prepares the characters to choose who he or she will become. “This Thing Called Love” reveal the children as adults as they parent their own children. It also reveals a strong realization of God and how perceptions of God are revealed by individuals. The molester reveals a heart that makes you wonder how you really should feel about him.

Charles: What do you hope to accomplish from your trilogy?
Linda: What would you like the reader to gain from them? What I hope to accomplish from my trilogy is a re-establishment of a foundation in the hearts of readers to know it is alright to love and be a light in this world. My trilogy reveals a self-help book, “Mixed Signal Syndrome which is also near being available for readers that assists in re-establishing a foundation of self-empowerment and healing for tired and hurt souls. My bottom line message to the world is: How can this be a safe country when our children are not safe? We have to get back to connecting to one another if we want to diffuse abuse.

Charles:Please tell us where readers can pick up Daddy’s Girl and your future works.
Linda: Angel Press Publishing is welcoming my work and it is available in all stores and on line at and

Charles: Linda, is there anything you like to say in closing? The floor is yours!
Linda: Yes, thank you. I did a radio show revealing the message God has for the world pertaining to universal abuse. I ask each person to consider listening to this message and know individually we can diffuse the forces behind sexual abuse. Once at this site please scroll down to LINDA D. WATTLEY and hear the message that can change lives. I live and breathe to assist in the healing of the brokenhearted and the misled people of the world. It is so important to me that people know: There is a truth that will set you free. You don’t have to live your whole life hoping for love and knowing God for yourself. It can really happen. Death is not the only way to God. Peace of mind is our heritage as His children. First you must know; knowledge makes a difference. “Daddy’s Girl” is the beginning of your journey back to self-love and truth. I also have an inspirational site readers may visit at There you can get a peep at “Mixed Signal Syndrome”. Enjoy.

Charles: Linda, let me say that the mark of a great author is to not only write about subjects that entertain us, but topics that make us think and you’ve certainly done that. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors!
Linda: Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to share my heartfelt desire to touch the hearts of humanity. I pray and wish you the best as you help others to help others.

If you want to know how molestation can affect not one, but many lives, then Daddy’s Girl is a book you must pick up!

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  1. I am also a victim of sexual abuse by my biological father. I simply want to say God Bless Linda for her boldness, but most importantly her faith, trust and hope in God.An Arkansas Sistagirl

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