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Amber Whitman: Dreams of Grandeur

Do you know who Amber A. Whitman is? If you don’t, then you’re in for a treat. Amber is a prolific writer as you will find out. She is the author of Dreams of Grandeur and quite a poet to boot. Without further ado, let’s learn more about this talented lady!

Charles: Please tell us about yourself and when you began writing?
Amber: I am a mother and wife. I grew up in British Columbia with my grandparents on a huge farm that I loved. I never met my parents until later in life when I came to Toronto. I began writing at an early age. My grandparents enrolled me in a Christian School. We completed with other schools in the States in different areas. My area was poetry. I won medals for my poetry and it was very inspirational.

Charles: What was the inspiration behind Dreams of Grandeur?
Amber: I had many poems that I had written over the years and I decided I wanted to publish them into a book. The title Dreams of Grandeur is my hope that my dreams will come true through my writing. It is a bit of a lofty impression of living a life of grandeur even if it is just in your dreams.

Charles: What subjects do you reflect on in your poetry?
Amber: I reflect on many things in my poetry. I reflect on my past and present. I reflect on my surroundings. I even take images from books, magazines and write about them. I sometimes reflect on our society and people. I will also take a pen and pad outside at times and reflect on nature.

Charles: What literary medium do you find it easier to write? Short stories, articles, poetry or it goes ‘with the flow’?
Amber: I really don’t have one that is easier than another. For me they are all worthy of time and thought. I sometimes experience writer’s block, which can happen with all these mediums. If I had to pick one that may be a little easier, I would have to pick poetry.

Charles: On your site, it is revealed that you went to a convention and won an award. What was the convention and what was the award you received?
Amber: It was a poetry convention featuring many different schools. I am sorry it was so many years ago…I can’t remember the details. I know it was in the States. I believe I won a medal and some ribbons for my poetic entries.

Charles: What are the ups and downs you’ve experienced as a writer?
Amber: There are always ups and downs as a writer. For me recognition and getting published online and in print has been great. The first two books I was published in were Poetry Canada and Ambitions Magazine. Then I received my first payment in the mail, which was very exciting. I have also received many nice comments on my work. However you also get rejections from people who may not be interested in your work, and that is fine too. It hurts, but you just have to forge on and keep writing. There was even a point early in my writing life when someone accused me of copying her poetry. Of course that was preposterous. All my work is my own. I told her that and just stayed away from her online. Then out of the blue I received a best site award from her site. On the subject of rejection I was recently told that I must be a great person to take rejection so cordially. I just think I am a person who has a passion for writing and I will keep doing it and hope it works out.

Charles: I understand you have a blog, could you tell us more about it?
Amber: Yes…. I have a blog at MomandPops. I actually have others but this is my main one. It’s funny because I never thought I would be a blogger. I really didn’t think I would enjoy blogging, but now that I have one it is different. I share my life and experiences there and have had some good comments on my entries. It is like having a personal journal and writing in it. This is a great site and has grown since I joined a few months ago. It is also nice to make a little money as well.

Charles: What advice would you give for all the new and beginning authors, poets, and writers out there?
Amber: I would tell them to follow their dreams and passions. If you have a real feel for writing then that is what you should do. It may be hard at first and you will receive rejections, but you will also receive accolades. I would tell them just to write something everyday and soon they will be on their way. I learned a lot from writing sites and groups. Try to find as many of them online as you can. Surfing the net is a great source of information. Make sure you have build up a portfolio with samples. I myself have a bio, resume and samples for the client to look at. That is important. Just believe in yourself and don’t listen to negative views.

Charles: Where can readers purchase a copy of Dreams of Grandeur or any other work you’ve written? How can they reach you?
Amber: Readers can purchase my book through my publisher. However, I would prefer they order it directly from me for revenue sake. Readers can always reach me at my email address, which is They can also reach me at I would be more than happy to discuss my work with them. I think that a helping hand is always important.

Charles: Amber, is there anything else you like to say in closing?
Amber: I would like to thank you for interviewing me. I would like to thank all the people who have bought or are planning to buy my book. I would like to thank my family for letting me pursue my dream even in tough times.
Finally, I would like to tell others to pursue their passions as well. Life is too short and you could be sorry later. I hope people enjoy my writing and that they take something away from it. If anyone thinks they could use my services, please contact me. I would be happy to discuss my writing and poetry with them.

Charles: Amber, thanks for your time and continue to write. I have a feeling we’re going to hear more from you real, real soon!