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Poem: 1860

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to post this poem written by a good friend, book reviewer and producer of many shows for the network (including my own!), Lillian Cauldwell and her piece entitled, ‘1860’.

Shafts of wheat
and whirling snow
covered them all.
The bodies, fallen
murdered and shot
as they stood,a
nd milled,
and slept.

Their fragile huts
and flickering fires
as they,
from men with rifles.

A killing spree,
bloody land
filled with hate
and mountain snow.

He rode away
from a slaughter
yet to be
a fallen people
captive and
to a deadened land
of its dignity.

The starving race
matched skins
with bleeding corpses
blanket strewn
had few chances
to make a stand
against the warriors
of a foreign land.

Give us this day
and grant us a life.
Our feeble struggles
like fish out of water
breathe our last
this dead-end place
supports us
no more.

Our tears,
run free
and unrestrained,
soaking the ground
to our Father and Mothers,
Sisters and Brothers.

Lillian Cauldwell
AuthorBook Reviewer