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La Rhonda Brown: Freedom From Bondage

I’d like to introduce you to a brand new up and coming author in the Los Angeles area. LaRhonda Brown attended the Calfornia Writers Collective workshop last summer. She pursued her dream and published her first book, Freedom From Bondage. It has exerpts, affirmations, and a positive message for anyone going through the trials and tribulations of this cold world.

LaRhonda is certainly an author who is not only living a dream, she inspires us all to live our best everyday!

And now we take a look at Freedom From Bondage by the talented Miss Brown and see what’s on her mind!

Charles: Hi La Rhonda, thank you for allowing me to do this interview with you. Can you please tell our readers a little about yourself?
LaRhonda: I am a single mother with three daughters, and one grand-daughter and make my home in Los Angeles California. My hobbies are singing, reading and going to the park to pray and meditate. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human services and I am currently working toward a Master of Science Degree in Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage, Family and Child Therapy.

Charles: La Rhonda, as an ordained minister, what has been the benefits/frustrations of your mission?
LaRhonda: As an ordained Minister the benefits have been seeing individuals and their families receive renewed hope, peace, strength and acceptance. God has given me a mandate to “Serve the Community by attending to the cry of God’s People and bringing soul’s out of prison through Christ Jesus”. Some of the frustrations of my mission are not allowing anyone to stop me from speaking the truth and being transparent so that I can really help individuals with root causes of various behavioral problems such as: alcoholism, drug addiction, co-dependency, obsessive behaviors, and sexual addictions. Additional frustrations include balancing ministry, career, education and being a single parent.

Charles: Let’s talk about your book, Freedom from Bondage. In your first excerpt, you describe Bondage as a prison of the soul. Were there moments in your life you felt that way?
LaRhonda: Yes, I often have felt like I was literally in a prison with invisible bars. It was my own self-imposed prison. It was a place of silent suffering. Webster’s Ninth Collegiate Dictionary states that, “Bound consists of having limitations or restrictions”. I found that I was limiting myself by being stuck in my past which distorted my view about how I saw myself and how I perceived others saw me.

Charles: In excerpt two, you share a part of your personal experience. Was it painful writing about it as you relived the most painful moments of your life?
LaRhonda: Yes, it was painful re-living those moments of my life. It took a lot of fasting and prayer to give birth to this book. I shed many tears as layers of years of bondage were stripped away. As a matter of fact this book is still continuing to transform me from the inside out and is a healing journey that consists of dieing of my old self daily and a re-birth into the woman I was created to be.

Charles: Were the affirmations on your page a result of your freedom from bondage?
LaRhonda: Yes, I’ve learned that my thoughts are who I am. I use to look to others to validate who I was until I looked into the mirror of God’s word and saw the image and likeness I was made in and then I began to proclaim who God said I was and not who society says I am.

Charles: What else can our readers expect from reading your book?
LaRhonda: The readers can expect to be healed from the inside out because this book is designed to assist them with introspection through journaling and is a way of uncovering, discovering and then discarding the past. It allows an individual to examine their relationship with self, with their parents, children, and significant others. It also assist the reader with letting go and letting God have his way, by relinquishing control and trusting the process. It helps the reader examine what is driving their behavior. It also allows the individual to take responsibility for where they are in life and not allow the past to define them. And to recognize that the mistakes they made are not who they are. In addition, it demonstrates that relationships mirror who we are. If we are attracting un-healthy relationships we have to examine how we see ourselves. People treat us how we treat ourselves. For example when I saw myself as unlovable I attracted individual’s that treated me that way. Finally, this book will help readers develop a more intimate relationship with God, with themselves, and with others.

Charles: How long did it take for you to complete Freedom from Bondage?
LaRhonda: It took me a 1 ½ years to complete, but in reality it took all my life experiences.

Charles: In the summer of 2006, we met during the California Writers Collective writer’s workshop, which I’m glad you attended. How much of the information passed on helped you publish your book?
LaRhonda: The information I learned at your Writer’s Collective Workshop was revolutionary. You showed me cost effective ways to self-publish. You showed me the pros and cons of getting a publisher and the benefits of self-publishing. The workshop inspired me, gave me hope and courage to complete my book. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge it is greatly appreciated.

Charles: How can our readers reach you and buy a copy of the book?
LaRhonda: Readers can correspond with me by contacting me at (323) 481-3606 or email me at: and they can visit my website to order the book at:

Charles: La Rhonda, any last words, advice to new and aspiring authors out there?
LaRhonda: I advise aspiring authors to work on their dream daily, not to let anyone kill or steal their dream, pray for their dream daily, believe in their dream, and never quit on their dream and affirm daily that, “I will realize my dream”. Be Blessed!

Charles: La Rhonda, thank you for sharing your freedom with us! Much love and success to you in the future!