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One Poetic Seasoned Sistah: Eve Hall!

Evelyn (Eve) Hall is an author & poet, living in, Georgia. She has been writing for more than thirty-five years. She was born in Dayton, Ohio. Her work has been featured in several magazines including, “A Poet’s cut” “Skyline Publications” “South West Sentinel” “Purpose” & “Mature Living.”
She has won several writing awards, winning 1st-5th place.
She came in 5th place in a Boomer Woman Essay Contest with almost 400 entries. Two of her poems have been finalist for the, “Chicken Soup Series. Her poem, “Transformation” is in the anthology, “Life’s Spices from Seasoned Sistahs: A collection of life stories from Mature Women of Color.

She has been nominated for several awards including, “Poet of the Month” & “Poet of the Year” at: &“Poet of the Year” at: She has been interviewed by the African-American Children’s Writer’s & Illustrators.

She has appeared on television and was a featured guest several times on: & She has done several book readings & signings at libraries, bookstores and schools in Ohio & Atlanta. Eve attended the Hurston/Wright Writer’s Workshop at Howard Univ. in 2001. Alexs Pate, the author of “Amistad” was her teacher. One of her goals is to publish over a dozen books that she has written for children. She is available for readings and book signings.
Now that you know that much about Eve, let’s put her in focus!
Charles: Eve, why don’t you tell our readers something about you. Why do you love the art of poetry as much as you do?
Eve Hall: I was introduced to poetry in grade school, plus, Paul Laurence Dunbar attended the same grade school I did. It was only fitting for me to grow up reading and writing poetry. It gives me peace of mind.
Charles: Could you please share with us the name of your books and what our readers will find in these poetic treasures?
Eve: I have self-published three poetry chapbooks and five books entitled, “Dontay’s Alphabet Book of Color” “Dontay’s Poetry Playground” “Enter Eve’s Poetic Paradise” “Enter Eve’s Musing Moments” & “Dontay’s Dog.” In my poetry books you will find rhyme & free verse pieces that are from life’s experiences and have come deep down in my heart & soul.
Charles: As I understand it, you’ve been nominated for quite a few awards. How does it feel just to be nominated? How important is it to you to receive the attention that comes with it?
Eve: It feels great when you are nominated for the hard work you have done with, awards, and recognition. interviews, accolades, etc. These awards make the public more aware of your work and your presence.
Charles: Eve, you’re also a children’s book author. Now what made you get into writing books for the little ones? What future goals would you like to fulfill in this field?
Eve: When my first grandchild was born, it came easy for me to write about the things we did together. I saw him be born. They say it’s easy to write about subject matter you know about. This is so true! One of my goal’s is to see my books published by a traditional publisher.
Charles: What genre gives you the most joy? Poetry or writing children’s books and why?
Eve: I love the fact that I can write each just every genre, but my favorite is writing children’s books. I think everyone has written a poem or two, in their lifetime, but writing children’s books is something everyone can’t do. It is very difficult writing a book that children today will enjoy and read over and over again. I enjoy this challenge.
Charles: So what are your future plans? Anything in the works?
Eve: What I am doing now is entering all the ‘FREE’ writing contests I can find and submitting my work to magazines, mostly online. My future projects would include getting ALL the books I have written for children, published. I don’t want to self-publish anymore of my books, the work is just too hard.

Charles: Eve, do you ever experience writer’s block?
Eve: No, because I write in different genres. I will write new poems when I get tired of editing what I have written in a short story, article or essay.

Charles: Do you write everyday?
Eve: I am always writing and reading something, everyday, even if it is answering my e-mail, but I don’t pressure myself to come up with something to write everyday. I love to take mini vacations from my work, so that means leaving my work behind when I go on vacations to get away. I am editing things I have already written.
Charles: How can our readers contact you? Do you have a website?
Eve: Readers can contact me and order my books by writing me or by going to my website at:
Charles: What advice do you have for all the new and aspiring authors reading this interview?
Eve: Believe in your work. Be patient, persistent and preserve. Treat your work as a business. Proofread all your work. Edit, edit, edit!
Thanks Eve! Everyone please support her, I’m sure she’ll enjoy that!