Monthly Archives: July 2008

Lullalee Productions is always N Focus

Lullalee Productions deserves a round of applause for all they’re doing in the Southern California community. The pictures above were part of an event inside the Shriners Hospital for Children in Los Angeles around 2005. Not only has Lullalee under the leadership of Lee Ann Butler-Owens been instrumental in providing literary programs for the youth, but the organization has also encourage the joy of reading and writing for everyone, young and old.

Lullalee is proving that it’s easy to sit back and criticize while you’re sitting at home pointing fingers and blaming everyone in sight for the ills of today, they’re actively going out and doing something about eradicating illiteracy for the next generation. They’re always looking for volunteers, so if you’re serious about becoming a hero for literacy, log on to the Lullalee website and see what you can do to get involved!

Thanks again, Lullalee for making sure no child gets left behind (in literacy of course!)

Here’s their video on YouTube!

Maryee N Focus

I would like to introduce you to a good friend of mine from Waco, Texas. Her name is Maryee and she’s an exceptional writer and poet in that part of the state. If you have a minute, please visit her website at

When you go to the page, you’ll see a variety of links of Maryee’s poems, performances, what’s on the Waco poetry scene, her talented sister Jen, and a lot more. You can also show her some love by signing her guestbook.

Look for more of this up and coming writer and poetess! 🙂