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All The Buzz about Tifany Jones

Here at Authors N Focus, our goal is to alert everyone on the various websites that help promote the new writers out there with books you may not know about. That being said, here’s two brand new websites to introduce for you (although they may have been around for a while 🙂 )

Tifany Jones – multi talented up and coming author coming out with a new book “Since You Went Away From Me” due out soon. You can take a look at what Ms. Jones has in store for the readers on her website:

All The Buzz – The website featuring an interview with Ms. Jones and other up and coming authors (besides this one -smile:) ) is All The The owner of the site, Renee Williams is a former RAWSISTAZ reviewer as well as QBR and The Black Book Review so she definitely knows talent when she sees it. Check out her site and if you’re a new author, Ms. Williams would love from you.

From Ms. Williams herself, a blurb about her interview with Ms. Jones:

Tifany Jones is a fresh new talent making her mark on the literary world! She founded Sistah Confessions, a book club and radio show for the purpose of healing, inspiring, and eliciting change to transform the lives of her audience. Tifany’s literary works include the forthcoming titles The Powder Room and Since You Went Away From Me. Both books are slated for release in 2009. Tifany is also a contributing author to an anthology, The Breakthrough: A Triumph of My Soul, also to be released in 2009. When she is not writing or producing her radio show, Tifany enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. They reside in Maryland.

For more information about Tifany, visit her online at,, and