Quite often here at Authors N Focus, we run into friends and associates who planned to write a book, but for some reason, never get around to it. Therefore it is with extreme pleasure I bring on a talented artists who has attended many book festivals in the Los Angeles community now spreading her wings with the release of her debut title, ‘Black Love: Challenging the Status Quo’. Here is Shay Fresh.

Authors N Focus: Hello Shay, thanks for taking part in the interview. First, what can you tell us about Black Love, your first book?

Shay: Thank you Charles! Black Love: Challenging the Status Quo examines the intersection of love and the various dynamics within the Black community, and to encourage harmonious interfacing between Black men, women and children.

ANF:Does your book address any of the standard issues between men and women? How does it differ from all of the relationship titles on the market?

Shay: The book will address some standard issues within the context of the “man/woman” dynamic, but it differs because this is not an “advice” or “how to” book, but it deals with a holistic context on the ideas of love and the entire community from a creative expression angle and from an African/Black view.

ANF: I have to admit; reading your press release there’s a reference to food preparation which begs me to ask this question, what part does a healthy lifestyle play in maintaining or building healthy relationships?

Shay: The body is interconnected to the mind and soul, and we must take care of our physical bodies with healthy food, so that we are operate on a higher level of existence. We also have to be very conscious of the ENERGY we put into our foods when we prepare our meals. Angry heart, angry food – happy heart, happy food! This is why “Soul Food” is such a celebrated culinary staple within our culture, because of the “love and creative energy” that is involved…even though the ingredients were detrimental to our health.

ANF: I understand Black Love will also display your fabulous poems as well. What poems should our reading audience expect to find in the book?

Shay: The poems cover a variety of topics including motherhood, money, love between a man and a woman, being happy with one’s career life, and many other topics we deal with as a community. A lot of these poems were collected over a period of time, so you will experience my growth during the journey of creating within the poetry paradigm.

ANF:What reaction would you like Black Love to have? What lessons do you feel our reading audience will learn from the book?

Shay: I would love for people to feel stimulated to re-connect to their power of independent thought, or encourage them on the path of independent thought. The reader will learn the creative aspect of embodying the various principles found in the Kwanzaa celebration, especially the principle of “Kuumba” which means “To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.”

ANF: Shay, I’ve known you for a while and you have interests outside of writing. Please share with us what they are.

Shay:I really enjoy and love art, so my interests include portrait photography, graphic design, fine art, and theatre. Motherhood definitely has my greatest interest!

ANF: How important is literacy in the community to you?

Shay:There was a period in time that it was unlawful for a Black person to learn how to read. Illiteracy limits a person from extending their talents to higher levels and disables a huge opportunity to receive quality information and knowledge to could positively enhance their life. “Underserved” communities suffer from this plague, and it’s important that literacy is enforced, so that the members of the community can search and find information that could transform their lives, and their community.

ANF:As a new author, what are your expectations for future books? Will they continue to center around romance, social consciousness, health, or anything else you have in mind?

Shay: I expect my future works to continue on the path of stimulate social consciousness and to enhance the quality of life of the reader through examining various mediums of creative expression.

ANF: Shay, where can our readers find you online and offline?

Shay: I be emailed at, on my website –, on Facebook ( or on Twitter (

ANF:Do you have anything left to share with our new and aspiring authors reading this? What would be the one piece of advice you can leave them with?

Shay:When entering the realm of becoming a published author, you must love more than just “writing”; you must also love the “business” of writing as well.

ANF: Shay, it’s a pleasure taking time to interview you and I can’t wait to find out what “Black Love” is all about. Thanks once again.

Shay: And thank you for providing an outlet for local authors to share their work with the community!

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