A Lot Going On At Book Passage

Stories of independent bookstores meeting their demise in the form of closures has sadly been often the norm these days. From New York to Hollywood, it’s been more and more of grand closings across the country.

Consider for a moment what Book Passage does, holding classes, workshops and author events in the cities of Corte Madera (in Marin county) and San Francisco, California. Looking at their schedule, these events are popular inside their stores. This is the reason why the two Book Passage locations are must see destinations in Northern California for literary lovers. Not to leave out other bookstores who also hold functions, but one must believe that in the era of independent stores closing their doors, Book Passage has no worries whatsoever.

For example, you can learn the finer points of what is needed in a plot, learn how to speak a foreign language, or simply hear a reading from local authors. The programs listed in their brochures have a full calendar of events in both locations, so book lovers won’t miss out on hearing their favorite writer or bestselling title out for release. It’s also a hub for organizations such as the California Writers Club.

If you’re a new or aspiring author, my advice is that you should call up an independent bookstore in your area and offer to hold a class or workshop. If the owners are willing (and because they need the foot traffic), they might allow you to do just that. When I watch these videos from Book Passage online, I see a bookstore supported by literary and musical artists, and a fun place for people to visit. Oftentimes, we think of a store as simply a place to sell our books, leave and never come back. It shouldn’t be the case and as these videos prove, the more the bookstore has going on in terms of activity the better the chance it has of keeping it’s doors open.

Besides, they sell good books too!

Something to think about.

Charles Chatmon
Authors N Focus


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