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Chinedu Achebe, Blunted on Reality

Chinedu picfront cover blunted on reality

Authors N Focus is proud to announce the return of our online interviews with new, up-and-coming authors, writers and poets. Before the television show, we spoke with writers who the reading public may not know yet, but we hope in time, they will. So here is our first guest of the new year, the author of Blunted on Reality, Chinedu Achebe.


Authors N Focus Extra: Thanks for joining us here at Authors N Focus Extra. Let’s start off by asking, who is Chinedu Achebe?
Chinedu: I am a Nigerian American who was born in Richmond, VA and I currently live in Houston, Texas. I graduated from the University of Houston and I work as a tax auditor. I am the oldest of three siblings between my mother and father. Blunted on Reality is my first book. Lastly, I am a huge sports fan, especially of the NBA and NFL. My favorite team is the San Antonio Spurs.


ANFE:  How long have you been writing?
Chinedu: I actually haven’t been writing for a long time, maybe at the most three years. I tried to start a blog in 2009, but I didn’t go too far with it.


ANFE: What inspired you to write your book (Blunted on Reality)
Chinedu: I was inspired by the 2008 presidential election victory of Barack Obama. I wanted to give an African perspective to this historic moment in world history by creating my own storyline to accompany it.


ANFE: What steps did you take to publish your first (or latest) book?
Chinedu: I started by writing the book, then I found a company who helped me with the editing and after that self published the book.


ANFE: What’s your favorite part in the book?
Chinedu: LOL, that is a tough question to answer. There are so many different perspectives to the book. But I would go with the part where Obi is in Washington D.C. for Obama’s inauguration with Nkechi and Nnamdi, his friends from law school. They are having fun, while discussing politics alongside love and life decisions.
ANFE: Outside of writing this book, I understand you’re involved in other projects. Would you mind sharing what those are with us?
Chinedu: I am brainstorming some storylines for my second book, but at the moment I don’t have anything concrete yet.


ANFE: Do you plan on attending any events soon? If so, please tell us where you will be?
Chinedu: At the moment, I don’t have anything planned. But hopefully in the spring and summer months I will do some events.


ANFE: How can the listeners contact you if they would like to receive a personal copy? Do you have a website?
Chinedu: They can contact me on Twitter @ChineduAchebe. If they want to get a copy of the book it is available on and they also can read an excerpt of the book as well on the site as well.


ANFE: What advice do you have for someone just starting out as an author?
Chinedu: I would tell them to just enjoy writing their book and getting their story published. Also the person should do some research on the business side of the publishing in regards to how to get your book reviewed and various distribution outlets, i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Smashwords. Lastly, you have to be realistic in the amount of books that you can possible sell. Don’t waste your whole life savings in marketing strategies which most of the time won’t get you the results that you think they will. If the only reason you wrote your book was because you thought you would get on the New York Times Bestsellers List, then I think you should reassess your own rationale for writing in the first place.


ANFE: Is there anything else you would like to say in closing?
Chinedu: I would just say that I hope that everybody gets an opportunity to check out my book and just enjoy and appreciate the different perspectives that the characters are coming from.
ANFE: Thanks for your time Chinedu, it’s been a pleasure to know more about you.
If you would like to pick up a copy of Chinedu Achebe’s Blunted on Reality, please visit him on Amazon and contact him on his twitter page, @ChineduAchebe.  This has been the first of our updated Write N Focus segments here on Authors N Focus Extra and be sure to visit us on our website,