Commentary: A Tale of Two Literary Events

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A tale of two literary events.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books – the largest literary festival on the West coast. Over 150,000 attend the two day literary celebration. It will take place on April 12-13 on the USC campus.

The Black Writers on Tour – one of the longest running literary conferences in the Southern California area. In years past, the tour reached a crowd of 5,000-6,000. It will be held a week after the Festival of Books, April 19 inside the Carson Center in the city of Carson, California.

What aspiring authors should also take from this is to look at the different or same users promoting each event. What do you see as you click on the picture above? Who do you see promoting it? If one were a vendor at either event advertising their appearance, the advantage goes to the users on the left simply because it’s a) not the same people mentioning it on their Twitter feed and b) not only are they publicizing their particular event but are collectively raising awareness of it to the millions of book lovers on the web.

This brings to mind a subject mentioned in this same blog last year (Commentary: Tweet, tweet!) about the power of social media via Twitter and how it can be used to advance information among the masses. However, when it comes to certain literary venues, there are those who ‘get it’ and those who also get it but choose not to use it when it comes to advertising and/or showing that word again, support.

Here is a quote taken from the article referenced above:

“Why must we spend so much time arguing online about which diva has the nastiest weave but won’t post about an upcoming book fair?”

So now you know. The question is where do we go from here?

The L.A. Times Festival of Books has a website,

The Black Writers on Tour also has a website,

We do urge everyone to attend both, but whether or not folks attend……that’s their choice.

Charles Chatmon
Authors N Focus Extra

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