First Comes Love, Then Comes……TC Wheeler!

First Comes_TCWheeler

TC Wheeler comes to us from Queens, New York and is the author of “First Comes Love, Then Comes….”. The CEO of her own TC Wheeler Publications, she definitely has a lot to tell and we’re glad she took time to share it with us.

Who is TC Wheeler?

A vision and a past time that turned into a profession/best seller. At 25, TC Wheeler; hailing from Hollis Queens, New York, is making a name for herself. Instead of going the traditional route, and finding someone to publish and sell her book, she took matters into her own hands and birth TC Wheeler Publications. Through her love of books and writing, TC has made characters come alive, life lessons told, and added a little comedy to it all. Even though she has just recently popped up on the scene, this woman is no stranger to the limelight. As modest as she is, others has submitted her works into numerous contests and local papers, and hands down, she has stirred the pot and caught people’s attention. She has done speaking engagements around the east coast, motivated others to follow their dreams, and help people change their outlook on life; just by her words on paper. TC is a very powerful writer and a very remarkable woman. With her comedy and her real life point of views, she has fans all across the board. TC explains that her main goal with this publication is to give those who feel their voice isn’t loud enough a microphone; and that is what she plans to do.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for about 15 years but took to writing seriously about 5 years ago.

What inspired you to write your book First Comes Love, Then Comes…

I’m an avid reader. I started to grow jaded of the books I was reading. It came to a point where the stories were all the same. So I took it upon myself to write something different. Every story was the same…I needed a different ending.

What steps did you take to publish your book?

First I had to do something about reading the same stories, so I took it upon myself and wrote a remarkable novel that is appealing to all

Once done, I then edited the novel myself

Next I recruited a professional editing service to double check my editing and then instead of mailing my book to numerous publishing companies that will only pick it up when they felt like it, I took it upon myself to birth my own publishing company.

After the birth of TC Wheeler Publications, I then placed my book in numerous book fairs, added it to the Book Expo of America, as well as several promotional sites, media and blogs. I also became partners with Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other various bookstores and sites.

What’s your favorite part in the book?

I really can’t say what my favorite part is because it’s a spoiler alert. Once you read, you will know exactly where my favorite part is!

Outside of writing First Comes Love, Then Comes…., I understand you’re involved in other projects. Would you mind sharing what those are with us?

I am involved with a group that is to inspire young women to express themselves through writing as well as helping them on the road to entrepreneurship. I am also in the process of helping other authors get their work out to the public. I am also apart of several youth programs in and around my area.

Do you plan on attending any events soon? If so, please tell us where you will be?

In May, I will be at the Book Expo of America in New York City. Check my blog periodically, I’m always popping up in various locations and blogs.

How can the readers contact you if they would like to receive a personal copy? Do you have a website?

I can be contacted at and I can also be contacted at

What advice do you have for someone just starting out as an author?

No matter what anyone says, NEVER give up your dreams. God always have a plan for you, never ignore his call.

Is there anything else you would like to say in closing?

If there’s something you’re tired of seeing the same thing over and over, do something about it! In life there will always be obstacles, once you hit them, don’t give up. Trust me it’s not the end of the world. It’s just the beginning.

If you’re planning to attend Book Expo America at the end of this month, be sure to say hello to TC!


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