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The Marc Brissett Interview


We heard about this talented new author through a good friend of ours and we’re glad to interview him. In case you’re not aware of Marc Brissett, chances are you will. He’s the new author of Lottery Pick and Invisible who brings a lot of energy and intensity to his work, as you’re about to find out.

Who is Marc Brissett?
Marc Brissett is a New York Author who delved into writing books as a natural progression from his first experience with writing, song writing. Marc has been writing songs since he was a teenager, his first book;Invisible about twins is based on a song he wrote called “Invisible man”. He also credits his mother as an inspiration as she was a twin herself. Her twin died at birth much like the character in his book. Marc has been a BMI writer since the early 90’s and one song he wrote appeared in a New Line Cinema film. Marc has also added voice over to his list of skills when he voiced a toy commercial for Roseart.

Marc’s first love will always be athletics as he ran track and played basketball in school. His wall full of trophies in what he calls the “Bling Bling” room would give you an indication of how athletic he is. Marc prides himself on being called one of the fastest kids in the country when he was in high school. Marc later turned his attention to basketball and played point guard for his college team. He now runs a youth basketball league called MVP Basketball League for the youth in Queens, NY.

Marc brings the same intensity to writing books as he did to sports. Marc uses a lot of his athletic experiences in his writing, if you see a basketball story or a basketball character in a story he wrote, it most likely came from a real life experience.

How long have you been writing?
Good question? All my life but writing books, since 2009.

What inspired you to write Invisible?
Invisible was inspired but my mother who’s twin died at birth, the book is about twins separated at birth and one believed to be dead. My second “Lottery Pick” was inspired by a true story about a homeless boy that grew up to play pro basketball.

What steps did you take to publish your latest book?
With my first book I did the whole submit your manuscript to publishing houses route. I wrote a query letter and sent out. To date no publishing companies have called back, so I self published.

What’s your favorite part in either one of your books?
This is a poem from my first book entitled “Invisible”:

“The perfect woman would possess qualities that give pleasure to the senses or exalt the mind. Her exceptional appearance could arouse feelings of orgasmic proportion submerged in the coldest of hearts. Harmoniously her beauty and intellect merge to form a presence that if not perfection…it is as close as my mortal mind can imagine. As she walks, the ground trembles but invites her every step. The air that surrounds her seems motionless; hence, men lose their breath whenever she is near. Does she really exist; yes she is reading this right now.”

My favorite part of “Lottery Pick” is when the two mother’s of the main character bump heads.

What is the one thing you hope the readers learn from your book?

That you can’t pick who you are related to but you can choose your family.

Outside of writing this book, I understand you’re involved in other projects. Would you mind sharing what those are with us?

I have produced a documentary film called “DON’T CRY FOR ME”. It is a documentary about homelessness and it will be in my first film festival in Aug. The Central Florida Film Festival.

Do you plan on attending any events soon? If so, please tell us where you will be?
The Central Florida Film Festival Aug 29th thur Aug 31 in Ocoee Florida.

How can the readers contact you if they would like to receive a personal copy? Do you have a website?
My website:

What advice do you have for someone just starting out as an author?

Write, write and write some more.

Is there anything else you would like to say in closing?
Don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams not even yourself.

Chandra Adams: The Power of Words


This entry is from a guest blogger, someone the creator of this blog and website knows ALL too well. Chandra Adams is an excellent author and writer, and she shares her insight on The Power of Words.

As I reflect on my writing career, over the past four years, I realize how many people have crossed my path for better or for worse that I would never have met had I not written a novel. I wouldn’t trade one experience for anything, but I realize a few of the experiences I’ve had have shaped my thoughts and consequently my career.

Let me start out by saying, for those that might not know, that it takes a lot of courage to place your innermost thoughts into a written work and share them with the world. I’m a typically very reserved and sensitive person, so placing myself on regular public display has taken some practice and then some.

I suppose it’s probably human nature, but I have gravitated a lot more to the negative feedback on my work than the positive. And definitely, some of it has been pretty nasty. Not so much in content, but in delivery. I do believe some people take a uniquely perverse pleasure in bringing someone else down.

With that said, I have received far more positive feedback on my work than negative — if it were all negative, then I have to say I should have a reason to pay attention to the cutting words. The truth is, all feedback is good, or positive, kept in the proper perspective. Most people are truly only thinking of themselves, and how good they think they sound when they are telling you what they think of you.

Either way, it’s so easy to underestimate the power of words. My experiences have taught me to be more considerate when giving my opinion. There’s a lot to be said for that old saying, ‘if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all’. It’s important to be honest, but if I can spare someone’s feelings, I certainly will by not voicing my opinion barring significant issues.

What you say really speaks volumes about what is in a person’s heart. Knowing and remembering that, I am finding new footing in being able to weather the critique storms. I certainly don’t envy mega-celebrities and the intense scrutiny they receive every single day about their looks, loves, and lives. But of course, in the world of entertainment, who cares what they are saying as long as they’re still talking about you?

Chandra Adams
Shades of Retribution

A. Tunson: New Millennium Love


Many first time authors wait for the day when they finally see their name in print and take their place among the rest who are called authors. A. Tunson has done just that and she took time from her schedule to say a few words with us.

Who is A.Tunson?
Born in Berkeley CA, raised in the small quaint town of Ukiah CA, then moving to Sacramento CA in her teens, Ashanti Tunson has been rooted in a diverse sense of community, style, and culture. She takes pride in her colorful upbringing, crediting her adventurous and open minded personality to her exposure to various social dynamics, and adapting to change at such a young age.

Mrs. Tunson’s passion for love, life, and family is the primary motivation for her first book, New Millennium Love. The struggles of growing up too fast, trying to tackle major life decisions while developing herself, surely provided its share of trials and tribulations. Yet surviving and overcoming adversities prove to be her most epic accomplishment. Through her first book project, Mrs. Tunson has compiled her truth as it relates to the complexities of modern day relationships, raising a family, managing a career; all while trying to maintain contentment and happiness where it counts most, at home!

How long have you been writing?
I didn’t officially start “writing” to the extent I do now until about 2009 when I began writing “New Millennium Love”. I’ve always written professionally throughout my career; but leisurely…does writing in a diary count?! I guess my diary was an indication I would end up writing something; I’ve always enjoyed the “release” of writing down my thoughts and then reflecting back on them at a later time…

What inspired you to write your book “New Millennium Love”?
I was inspired primarily by reflecting back on the relationship with my current husband and realizing just how challenging it has been for us over the years. Like many other couples, life threw us a lot of bumps in the road. But how we matured and overcame those obstacles, where we are today, is amazing to me. So, I thought of all the couples in our modern society trying to juggle it all – careers, kids, and each other! I watched all types of relationship struggles depicted in movies and on television, fiction to non-fiction, and I wanted to give my perspective on what I feel is essential to sustain a successful relationship in this millennium era.

What steps did you take to publish your book?

I first started by just jotting down thoughts, speaking them into my phone on the highway, in parking lots, at home; anywhere I felt inspired. Next I started dictating my notes, creating discussion topics; which later became chapters and subsections. Bouncing between work, home and life in general, this stage took the longest. I often struggled with the idea of writing a book, and thought I was biting off more than I could chew! But then I met some amazing indie authors who paved the way, and made this whole self-publishing thing make sense…I got motivated to kick it up a notch and get my book finished. I started attending more book events, learning and observing others. Since I was limited on funds, I decided to work with up and coming individuals like myself who needed an avenue to “do their thing”. I hired a web-based graphic designer for my book cover, and hired a college student to do the editing. From there it was all on me; I researched online like crazy to find tips and resources on self-publishing. I set up accounts with major self-publishing resources like Amazon (CreateSpace and KindleDirect), Goodreads, Smashwords, etc. I also started my social media sites, connecting with other indie authors and readers; setting up a platform online for people to get to know me. I started with publishing my book in eBook form, and then quickly added print copies. I’m currently looking into producing my book in audio form, and hope to complete that by the end of the year.

What’s your favorite part in “New Millennium Love”?
Ooh, that is tricky; I like various parts for different reasons! I’d have to narrow it down to two parts. The first being the “Man Drama” chapter, just because I feel it makes its point with such honesty, and a little humor; most men will appreciate the message without being offended. And my other section would definitely be the “Final Thought” at the end of the book.

Outside of writing this book, I understand you’re involved in other projects. Would you mind sharing what those are with us?
Lol, my family is my biggest project at this time! I’ve seriously spent so much time on this book and my career over the past several years, my family deserves some time to be my #1 priority. My sons just recently graduated H.S., so we’re getting them ready for college. After they get settled into their new lives as young adults, I plan to start a women’s group of some sort; be it “girl time” to bond and hang out, or a flash mob crew to tap into my passion for dance. Whatever it is, it will be fun and exciting, staying true to the “Y.O.L.O” motto!

How can the readers contact you if they would like to receive a personal copy? Do you have a website?
For personalized/signed copies, people can email me at and I will respond with an invoice to purchase through PayPal; and I will send it right away! My website is

What advice do you have for someone just starting out as an author?
I’d say try not to get overwhelmed by all the details. It seems like a lot to learn, but if you spend the time researching online and submerging yourself in the literary scene, it will all make sense very soon! Whatever you write about, make sure it comes from your heart, that it’s genuine and something your passionate about; and don’t mimic anyone else’s style, approach, etc. Writing is a wonderful gift of expression, and there is no right way to do it…just “do you” and have fun with it!!

Is there anything else you would like to say in closing?
Thank you for your interest in me and my new book; I hope your all inspired to check me out – Much Love!!