Chandra Adams: The Power of Words


This entry is from a guest blogger, someone the creator of this blog and website knows ALL too well. Chandra Adams is an excellent author and writer, and she shares her insight on The Power of Words.

As I reflect on my writing career, over the past four years, I realize how many people have crossed my path for better or for worse that I would never have met had I not written a novel. I wouldn’t trade one experience for anything, but I realize a few of the experiences I’ve had have shaped my thoughts and consequently my career.

Let me start out by saying, for those that might not know, that it takes a lot of courage to place your innermost thoughts into a written work and share them with the world. I’m a typically very reserved and sensitive person, so placing myself on regular public display has taken some practice and then some.

I suppose it’s probably human nature, but I have gravitated a lot more to the negative feedback on my work than the positive. And definitely, some of it has been pretty nasty. Not so much in content, but in delivery. I do believe some people take a uniquely perverse pleasure in bringing someone else down.

With that said, I have received far more positive feedback on my work than negative — if it were all negative, then I have to say I should have a reason to pay attention to the cutting words. The truth is, all feedback is good, or positive, kept in the proper perspective. Most people are truly only thinking of themselves, and how good they think they sound when they are telling you what they think of you.

Either way, it’s so easy to underestimate the power of words. My experiences have taught me to be more considerate when giving my opinion. There’s a lot to be said for that old saying, ‘if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all’. It’s important to be honest, but if I can spare someone’s feelings, I certainly will by not voicing my opinion barring significant issues.

What you say really speaks volumes about what is in a person’s heart. Knowing and remembering that, I am finding new footing in being able to weather the critique storms. I certainly don’t envy mega-celebrities and the intense scrutiny they receive every single day about their looks, loves, and lives. But of course, in the world of entertainment, who cares what they are saying as long as they’re still talking about you?

Chandra Adams
Shades of Retribution


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