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The Deeper Side of Lisa Ridgeway


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We start our tenth year on ANF with an interview with an up-and-coming author, Lisa Ridgeway although she is no stranger to the written word. You’ll find out what Ms. Ridgeway has in store for her fans and book lovers as we’re about to find out more of ‘The Deeper Side of Love’

Hello Lisa, please tell our audience a little about yourself.

My name is Lisa Ridgeway. I’m an Author, Poet, Editor, Motivational-Speaker and Facilitator. My previous book: “Dancing with My Heavenly Father, is a collection of spiritual-poems; designed to encourage, uplift & motivate. In conjunction, I’ve established a weekly spiritual-devotional; aimed to inspire & enrich the mind.

How long have you been writing?

Professionally, I’ve been writing for 20 years.

What inspired you to write “The Deeper Side of Love”?

My book: “The Deeper Side of Love” is a reproduction copy from the original-version; which I wrote, in 1996.

What steps did you take to publish your book?

Being a writer for many years, I’ve now learn the ends and outs of book-publishing; in regards to my latest project, (as well as other books I’ve done; and assisting fellow-authors).

Throughout the years, I’ve weaned my skills in editing, copywriting and collaborating with graphic-artists, to design book-covers. I’ve now learned; first and foremost, to research publishing companies to find the right-fit for my publishing needs; and to make sure, they offer the best quality service (for book-publishing).

It’s my desire to maintain creative-control, when developing my book(s). Furthermore, I study what readers are looking for in a book and focus on how to reach every genre.
It’s my desire to ultimately start my own publishing company; and assist up & coming authors in developing their book(s).

What’s your favorite part in “The Deeper Side of Love”?

When the (young woman Roxy) comes into the understanding of what true-love looks like verses, being deceived by what she thinks love is. Also learning to love one’s self even when you feel as though, you’re not worth loving.

Below is one of my poems (not in my current book):

Why does it seem I’m hated because of the color of my skin?
Why do people treat me differently; never trying to find out what lies within?

People who don’t know the contents of my character; hate me…not for who I am but what they fear about me.
They don’t care what matters to me; they look at me and see what they wanna see.

I’d hope this hatred would have ended long ago; but instead it seems to linger wherever I go.
I’ve tried explaining it to my kids; why it seems people have a problem with the color of their skin.

I recall one day my son came running into the house. He was upset and crying. A kid called him “Nigga.” He asks: “Mommy…why don’t he like me; why did he call me that name?”
And for some reason my innocent little son hung his head, as though he felt some type of shame.

I was angry and sad; yet…at the same time, damn mad.

Then it occurred to me; people don’t like us because we’re one of a kind.

We come in different shades of brown. Our women have full lips and full hips; you know…the ones that are round.

Our men are built like none other; their physics are quite unique.
As a matter of fact our men are what other women seek, between the sheets.

We’ve seen adversities and know how to come through;
God has given us staying power; how to be overcomers and pull through.

We have strong arms; strong backs and strong legs; we know how to stand.

When I look at the ones who’ve come before us I’m proud of those who’ve paved the way.
The ones who had courage and strength so, we could see better days.

They are the reason why…we’re free.

We’ve springboard off the shoulders of those who suffered long ago.
Unfortunately these senseless acts of hatred are still prevalent and reminiscent. There are some who still hate and won’t let it go.

So to those who judge me because of the color of my skin…that’s alright with me; but if you really want to know who I am and how I came to be.
I say to you…you must first learn to look within.

Outside of writing this book, I understand you’re involved in other projects. Would you mind sharing what those are with us?

I’ve assisted a fellow-author, in developing his latest book-venture. Currently, I’m in the midst of collaborating a daily Spiritual-devotional book. Also, I’m working on my next book-project.

Do you plan on attending any events soon? If so, please tell us where you will be?

Tentatively; I hope to attend the: Black Writers on Tour April 30th.

How can the readers contact you if they would like to receive a personal copy? Do you have a website?

At the present, I don’t have a website; hopefully it’ll be up and running by early summer. However, if anyone is interested in purchasing my latest book; or Dancing with my Heavenly Father (my former book), they can contact me. I can be found on Facebook & Instagram (Lisa DeDe) Ridgeway. Also, they can email me at: or

What advice do you have for someone just starting out as an author?

First & foremost I would say, never give up on yourself. Even when you get discourage…keep forging ahead; you’re worth it! Learn all the aspects when it comes to publishing your book; it’ll greatly benefit you in the long-haul. Fine-tune your skills, work hard to develop yourself & your book(s). Attend workshops, further educate yourself in developing your writing-skills and always get your works COPYRIGHTED before you allow others to view it.

Thank you Lisa for this interview. Everyone, please support Ms. Ridgeway by buying a copy of ‘The Deeper Side of Love’ right now and be sure to attend the Black Writers on Tour April 30 at the Carson Community Center in the city of Carson, CA to show her some of your love for her talent.