So This is Goodbye: The Last Post

A list of resources for new and aspiring authors

This is it. We have finally reached the end of a project that I was really proud of and enjoyed with pride. As they say, ‘all good things must come to an end’. So it is time for this good thing which I’ve owned for eleven years, Authors N Focus, to come to an end. This is the last post.

What Authors N Focus meant to the literary community, I can’t say. I’ll leave it up to the readers and authors I’ve interviewed over the years but personally, it was a good thing and a project I felt served the cause of literature well. Once, there was a chance Authors N Focus could have taken the next big step, up a level to where we could have our own television program as evidenced in this video and on the Chatmon’s Books You Tube page but it wasn’t meant to be. It would have been special if it moved in that direction. It didn’t, so I have to let this go.

It’s not easy to let Authors N Focus go. This isn’t a decision I treat lightly. Truth is, I plan to write more books, articles such as the commentaries I hope you’ll take time to read, and enjoy life. Although I’ve decided to ‘call it a day’ for this blog, it will remain so others can see the work and resources which I hope will help them in their own literary journey. For me, this part of the journey for me is finished but who knows if I’ll ever go back and return with interviews and commentaries? No one can predict the future, but this is the present so therefore this decision has been made.

I would like to thank the first time and new authors willing to share their written works with me, their ambitions, their dreams and their successes throughout the years this blog (and website) played a role in helping them with the exposure they needed. There are a ton of websites and blogs that play the same role, but my online conversations with them meant a lot.

Closing this chapter is hard. I didn’t plan on turning this page but I must. Authors N Focus in these eleven years held a place in my heart that I enjoyed a lot and at some point perhaps I’ll get back into it. Then again, maybe not. This is the time for Authors N Focus to end and for everyone who supported this blog (and website) since the beginning, I hope and pray you find your own success in life even if you’re not writing a book.

Take care always and for the last time, always stay in focus.

Charles L. Chatmon
Authors N Focus


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