Writers, Authors N More


Megan Willingham was more than the host of the long running Writers, Authors N More on Adrenaline radio for about a decade, she was a beloved friend of literary artists around the world and for the author of this tribute page, a close personal friend as well. In this written tribute, Memories of A Good Friend, Megan, she is paid the ultimate honor in helping to lend authors far and wide a voice to promote their books, upcoming events, exposing them to an audience they would have never known had it not been for her program.

This is why we’ve dedicated a page to her at ANF Extra. It’s our way of saying ‘Thank you’ for all of the hard work, commitment and friendship Megan displayed during her time with us here.

Please listen to her archives of Writers, Authors N More and please take time to explore the other sites where you can see for yourself Megan in her element, talking to people about books.

Writers, Authors N More Archives

Adrenaline Radio Writers, Authors N More page

Megan Willingham Tribute Page

JA Konrath had a nice write up about his time on Megan’s show (scroll near the end)

More links to be added often.





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